Happy Couple

GNHRT-BONES Bedford 2 Comments

Today we had a visit from guests who were celebrating their recent engagement with a large party. They chose to come to Bedford T-BONES because this was the place they met for their very first date! I saw this as the perfect opportunity to pay it forward with a RAK! I gave the happy couple a gift certificate to come back to join us for their next milestone: their first meal as a married couple! They were so thankful and appreciative and told me that this was the reason that T-BONES is their favorite restaurant! Even better, they mentioned that they volunteer regularly at Veteran’s events and the RAK certificate is going to be used to help out a veteran. Gotta love how GNHR is always paying it forward and spreading the love!

My Very First Regular at CJ’s..

GNHRCactus Jack's Manchester 1 Comment

Tonight my first bar regular at CJ’s came in and told us that this would be his last visit for a very long time. He is moving to Florida. I knew this was coming but wasn’t sure when. He has been a long time regular at CJ’s and really welcomed me when I start bartending here. He is such an awesome and funny guy that really does care about us! He’s one of the regulars you just truly love. I bought him and his friend dinner which ended with hugs ūüôā We’ll miss Ron so much at CJ’s!!

When Regulars Feel Like Family

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Tonight LD and Danielle both came to me letting me know that they overheard one of our long time regulars talking. The mother of the group had just had her first round of chemotherapy; she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They aren’t even sure if it will make a difference. The girls were in tears and with the pull at my heart strings of course I was going to RAK them. I just dropped by and explained that their server, whom they had a discussion about their current circumstances, let me know they were going through some tough situations and that we wanted to make tonight a little better by doing something nice for some long time regulars. They were very appreciative and welled up a bit. Nice job girls thank you for getting me involved. Prayers out to the family going through such a tough ordeal.

13 years later

GNHRT-BONES Derry 2 Comments

We had a couple come in on Saturday afternoon. They got here a little before we opened, so that they could make sure they got the correct seats at the bar. Christie relayed that the couple Todd and Lisa were  celebrating the 13th anniversary of their first date which was at  seats 13 and 14 at the bar. They have since married. I thought it was such a cool story, and thanked Christie for bringing it to my attention. The couple was thrilled that we recognized them, and I am sure that they will pay it forward.

Sisterly Love

GNHRT-BONES Salem 2 Comments

Had the pleasure of meeting a couple of sisters who dine with us frequently Barbara and Sheila. ¬†One of our servers Sarah mentioned how sweet and nice they are and asked if we could RAK them. Come to find out they’ve been coming to Salem for many years and we gave them each a $25 GC to use on their next visit. ¬†Both were thrilled and Barbara is going to handing out the Pay it Forward tomorrow!

Get Well Soon!

GNHRT-BONES Salem 1 Comment

Met a regular bar guest Joe tonight.  He was in to grab a bowl of chowder for his better half Jackie.  Jackie is in rehab recovering from a spill from riding her horse.  Broken hip, 5 broken vertebrae and 5 cracked ribs.  Took care of the chowder and also gave him a GC to use either to bring her more takeout food (who likes food at rehabs?) or to use when she gets out!

Let’s Go B’s!

GNHRT-BONES Salem 1 Comment

Real easy one today. ¬†Had a young girl eating with her mom today who was wearing a Boston Bruins sweatshirt. ¬†As they were leaving I struck up a conversation with the daughter asking if she was going to watch the game tonight. ¬†She said she was going to be able to watch “a little”. ¬†I asked who her favorite player was. ¬†She said Zdeno Chara. ¬†So I made up a $33 GC (his number) for her to use the next time she dines with us! ¬† The mom and daughter were very happy!

From our restaurant family to yours

GNHRT-BONES Derry 1 Comment

Tonight we had a large party in the lounge of Cafe Teresa employees. They found out Sunday that their restaurant was closing and all needed to find new jobs. The crew gathered together tonight over the loss, and it was apparent that they were all family like with one and other. Hearing the news from our staff over what happened- I knew I wanted to RAK the table. I took care of all the food they ordered in addition to giving out 4 RAK certificates so they could keep the movement going. Tears and hugs were shared among all of us!

Dancing While You Eat

GNHRT-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Tonight I was walking around the dining room and I saw this little boy behaving so well at his table and every time I walked by he was waving and saying hi. Once they got their food he started dancing to every bite of mac and cheese that he had. He was making me as well as others smile and laugh and I knew that I needed to RAK them. I picked up their whole tab and gave them a 25 gift card to pass to someone who would also spread some cheer. They said they knew exactly who they would give it to.