Christmas Will Never Be The Same

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Today a couple came in that I recognized.  My husband Steven had grown up with their youngest son. A few months ago they had lost their oldest son to his addiction and were spending their first Christmas without him in their home. I immediately thought about a RAK so I could do something nice for them as I can only imagine Christmas will never be the same. They were of course very surprised and grateful.

Three Generations

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A few days ago I stopped to chat to a table with the most beautiful new born baby.  She was in with her mother and grandmother. Very nice people that I had met a few weeks prior. Well the grandmother’s meal didn’t come out as she had hoped. When I went to check on her and bring her a gift certificate for the inconvenience, she was shocked that I even did that and asked that I give it away to someone who needed it. I insisted she kept it, then paid for their meals and gave them two RAK GC’s to give away. I loved that she wanted me to Pay It Forward so I had to show them what GNHR is all about!

Random Acts of Kindness for Children

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My favorite RAKs are ones that involve children. They are so pure hearted and love to share greatness. They almost always want to give it away immediately and that’s exactly what happened. Dad and daughter were out dining together and I asked her if she wanted to make someone’s heart happy. It brought a huge smile and she walked around looking for that special eye contact 🙂

keeping with the spirit

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After a day out in the public, it felt only right that i RAK someone in our own store tonight! There was a table sitting in the corner speaking softly and clearly distressed. Their server Tina said she had overheard her not wanting to go home and picked up on bits and pieces of her conversation leading her to believe she was not in a happy place. When I shared the great RAK movement of GNHR i could tell she was overwhelmed and without words. I left the table and wished them a Merry Christmas but it spawned a conversation with Tina and she opened up about having just come from services and lost her dad. I couldn’t imagine that loss and right before Xmas. Glad I could shed some positivity and light in her heart.

Stockings for Seniors!

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Happy Surprise…. While doing a table visit I met a nice couple, Jay and Jill.  When I returned with the PIF certificate I was happy to learn that they were more deserving.  Jay & Jill deliver “stocking for senior” every year to those who wouldn’t normally get anything for the Holiday.  I was so moved by their generosity that I gave them additional 10 PIF certificates.  Thank you Jay and Jill for your big hearts.  Happy Holidays to all!

New To Town

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I was Hostessing on Saturday night and we were slowly dying down when a party of two arrived. Both were super friendly, kind and patient. As we were talking she had brought up that this was her first time ever being at Cjs because they both just moved from Dartmouth. I then told her she was going to love it here and it is like one big happy family and she said that she already loved it because it had a warm cozy feeling and everyone was very friendly. As I sat them I went up to Missy and asked her if we could RAK them because it was their first time

Sad Homecoming

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In Derry, we had an ex employee David Driscoll come home from out west for his Father’s funeral. He came in to dinner with his Mother and 2 other people. We took  up his lunch tab. He was very grateful, and in his time of sorrow, I felt it was an easy RAK.

Christmas Cheer

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I had a couple of mentally disabled guests come in to the lounge for dinner.  They were wearing Santa hats and Christmas sweaters.  As servers or guests walked by their table they would stop them to show them a picture of themselves in the Santa hat and sweater.  They were fun and excited and determined to spread Christmas cheer to all that walked by.  I went to the table and laughed and joked with them.  I picked up their tab and gave them the $25 RAK to pay forward, they started giggling and saying “we knew it! we knew you’d do that!” they were so happy.  About 20 minutes after they left I received a phone call from a gentleman explaining that his handicapped brother and sister in law were in and wanted to be sure that we did actually pay for and comp their meals.  I explained our pay it forward program to him and he thanked me, saying that he is aware they can be a little crazy and people don’t typically show them such kindness.

Big or Small, Kindness is Important to All

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Tonight I RAKed two guests who came in for a simple meal that turned extravagant. The gentleman at the table was completely torn between two menu items. I explained to him that both the caprese burger and pork tacos were some of my favorites but in my belief the burger would make him want to come back to try the tacos so that is what he went with. Throughout their visit I continued to feel warmth and friendship within them so I decided they were worthy of our daily RAK to ensure he could come back for those tacos. Little did I know this couple needed this more than anything. They explained how they pay it forward by keeping the spirit of their deceased son alive and that the holiday season is almost unbearable for them and their family. As tears fill all of our eyes she told me she hasn’t eaten in days because she’s more worried about giving her kids, who both have the same condition as their brother who passed, a Christmas to always remember. This couple has had an unfair hand in life and they are such extraordinary people. Words can’t explain how badly they needed a miracle and I feel honored I gave them one. Jen Zocco


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We had a lovely couple of ladies get engaged here at the Copper Door! They both enjoyed a nice dinner together and we ordered them 2 desserts. It was also one of their birthday’s. So the occasion was even more special. Allysia and I brought over the desserts and told them they had been chosen for a Random Act Of Kindness. We took care of their dinner and gave them a gift card to come back. They were both so happy they started to tear up. We made their engagement night a night to remember. =)