Kindness at it’s best

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Derry 2 Comments

Today we witnessed a true moment of kindness in Derry. We have two gentlemen who frequent our restaurant. They live in an assisted environment. Most people turn their nose up to them as they do not wash, wear dirty clothes and are what  most people would consider lower class of society. They often come in with change simply for a bowl of chili or a burger and get nothing else often only one eating at a time and do not tip. I can imagine how they are often treated and it is sad, but today was a different story. Today a kind woman wanted to do something nice for them. Something they don’t often receive I am sure. She bought their lunch anonymously. In return I bought hers’. She held my hand with tears in her eyes at her surprise to our kindness and what a great company we are for having such a great program. She just felt like it was the right thing to do. 🙂

Doggie visit

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Today Kristen and I decided to RAK a table that was enjoying the sunshine on our terrace with their little doggie friend. We picked up their food from the tab(including the dog food!). They were kind enough to ask us to do the table behind them instead because they were having a great time chatting with them. We explained to them that with their food being payed for that they get to do their own RAK with our pay it forward gift card. They immediately handed it to them and both tables were very happy!

Just Married

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Tonight Christie’s table told her their love story. It started in November 2005 when they met at a store she owned here in Derry. They had their first date at table 6 in the lounge and remembered exactly what they drank and ate that day. Well this past weekend they got married and they came in to sit at table 6 again to celebrate! They aren’t going on a honeymoon until next year so this was their mini celebration to start off their “staycation.” They were absolutely floored to receive a gift certificate for their next visit and to pay it forward!

First time out

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this is from a few days ago….. My mother has a dear friend battling kidney cancer. She has been going through many rounds of chemotherapy and my parents took her out for the first time to TBones. She has been very ill and weak and self conscious about losing her hair but the other day she felt strong enough to go out in public and chose our establishment. At the end of the meal i came over and said “in honor of your first day out i would like to pay for your dinner and give you a gift certificate for the next time you feel well enough to come out again”. In tears we parted and she’s been talking about it ever since to all she speaks with.

Welcome Back To Our Restaurant Family

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I had a lovely couple come this evening and i remembered them from the week prior and they said they had such a great time here they had to come back. The used to be Salem regulars and then they moved away and now moved back to Goffstown. I figured they would be perfect to buy their dinners and welcome them back to our family. They were so thrilled and happy to see some familiar faces again

First Timer

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We had a first timer come in, in a stroller. Mom and dad brought Sophie in for her first visit to one of our restaurants. She was very cute and only 2 weeks old. Her parents come in often and were pleased to say that it was their first time bringing her to a restaurant and wanted to make sure it was a T-Bones. As my random act of kindness, I gave them a Gift Card for themselves and a Pay It Forward to give someone else. They were very appreciative and can’t wait to come back.

Enlisted Early and Still Going

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Had a gentleman come in with his Navy hat/cover on with an abundance of pins. I thanked him for his service and complimented him on his amazing hat/cover. He explained that he served in WWII in the US Navy on an aircraft carrier. I sat and visited with he and his wife a little while. He was very proud to have been able to serve. He told me that he actually enlisted when he was only 16 with his mother’s permission. He further explained that his mother would also receive $50.00 a month for his service which is a huge reason he enlisted. I talked with him about what it was like being at sea and the planes that were coming and going. He told me he had recently turned 92 and the two greatest things in his time on this earth were serving his country and meeting his wife. He was super excited to share his knowledge and full of compliments about our restaurants. As my Random Act of Kindness, we bought their lunches and he was super thankful. I then handed him a Pay It Forward Gift Card, which he was even more surprised about. He was excited to be able to go give someone else a gift. What a pleasant couple.

completely Random

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Tonight i selected a completely random table with three older/elderly ladies enjoying a few drinks and dinner together. Two were sisters with a friend joining them and I just knew I made their night randomly choosing them. They had been dining for awhile just enjoying each other’s company when I approached their table. I could tell they were apprehensive why I was stopping over but immediately taken aback with delight that we had such a program and look forward to paying it forward with the Gift Certificate provided.