Amongst Friends

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The other day, I noticed a man sitting by himself at one of our larger tables. I came to find out that Bill was a regular who used to come in all the time with his wife, except now his wife has passed away as of February. Sensing that he had come to share some memories and be surrounded by friendly people, I picked up his dinner for my Random Act. We chatted for a while, and he told me a couple of great stories, and that one of the reasons he and his wife loved it so much here was because of how we always made them feel comfortable. It was awesome.

Birthday Disaster

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Tonight we had a group of women celebrating a birthday in the dining room. During dinner, it was quickly brought to my attention that someone in the dining room was choking so I ran over as fast as I could. When I arrived, a gentleman from another table was trying the heimlich to no avail. I took over and was successful at dislodging whatever was stuck. The ladies were very relieved and it turns out, the birthday girl was the one choking. As things calmed down, she was very thankful and grateful but her dining experience was ruined for the night as she didn’t want to eat anymore and was slightly embarrassed. I thought this would be a great opportunity to buy her dinner and get her a GC to come back and have a more pleasurable time from start to finish. When I gave her the Pay It Forward certificate, she immediately looked at the guy who initially tried to help her out and I knew she had already found someone deserving.

Family Support

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A family of six came in tonight,  a mother and her five “children”, after hearing some bad news about mom’s health. They were quick to note my height and we all joked and teased about how tall I am and how short they are. When I told them I’m 6’10”, mom was quick to stand up, and at 4’8″ looked tiny next to me. I picked her up and hugged her and they all got pictures. I talked to them about how much fun they were to talk to, and how amazing it is to see such wonderful support for their mom. I gave them a Gift Certificate to come back and visit us again soon, and a pay it forward to give to someone else. When leaving, every single one of them gave me a hug, mom kissed me on the cheek, and they all said I had made their day so much better than I could ever understand. They left with sore cheeks from smiling non stop.

Late Night Visit

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A young man came in tonight to grab some take out after a long day at work!  When we ran his card it declined. I couldn’t let him leave hungry, so who better to RAK. He was so moved and can’t wait to PIF to someone!  Love making people smile!!!

Taking Care Of Our Guests

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I had a couple come in who was staying at a hotel because their house burned to the ground.  They came in for dinner so we bought their dinner for them.  They were so grateful that they hugged me and their server.  They were more than happy to pay it forward. They thought that our program was so thoughtful and kind.

Faithful Regulars

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We all have our regulars, however, I have a family who comes into Bedford T-Bones nearly every Saturday night for dinner. They are a family of four who always seem to be in the best mood and happy to just be living life. I shake the father’s hand every time I see him and catch up on changes in life since we last saw each other. I go out of my way to say hello to this family just because I know they are always so positive which is an amazing way to live. I bought their appetizer and encouraged them to pass along the Pay it Forward to someone they might not know, to spread their positive outlook that much further into the world. They were very thankful and couldn’t stop smiling as I told them to have a wonderful evening and I’d see them soon.

Bought One Dinner For Another…

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I had a gentleman come in and sit at the bar. He had an appetizer and a drink and when cashing him out he wanted to buy the couple next to him their meal. The couple are regulars but the two parties never spoke a word. They were very surprised that he was doing that and very thankful as well. I decided to RAK him since the game of paying it forward had started. He was very thankful for my kindness as well and couldn’t wait to go and spread the word.

Wedded Bliss

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My RAK this week went to a couple celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. Middle school sweethearts that never drifted apart. I bought them dinner and dessert. They were very excited and grateful. They can’t wait to pay it forward.

Vasily & Friends

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We had a young boy here celebrating his birthday and he told his server that she was doing a great job but he wanted to give a special thanks to the chefs in the kitchen as he felt they don’t get the same recognition. We had one of our kitchen managers, Casey, come out so they could meet him, the boys were thrilled to meet the chef! I picked up their tab and their mom is going to help them find a good person who deserves to get the Pay it Forward certificate! As Vasily said “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”

They Care For Us, Lets Care For Them!

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I had a nurse in today at one of my co-worker tables, I overheard her saying the ER is not anywhere close to the nursing home. I stopped by for a chat to try and learn more about what she does as a nurse. Long story short she gave me a detailed story from beginning to end on her nursing career. After I got up I decided this is my RAK. Why not RAK someone, and pay it forward to someone who pays it forward everyday, whether it be taking care of people in a nursing home or saving lives in the ER, this lady is literally taking care of someone’s mother, father, wife, husband, brother, sister or even someones grandparents on the daily!