Family Birthday

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A party of 6 came in for a double birthday, the mother turning 65 and her son turning 35 on the same day. Both are regulars as well as the rest of the family although they usually come in at different times. It was nice to see them all together! I decided we needed to make it even better and RAK the table. They were beyond appreciative. So glad we could make their night.

When Regulars Feel Like Family

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Tonight LD and Danielle both came to me letting me know that they overheard one of our long time regulars talking. The mother of the group had just had her first round of chemotherapy; she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They aren’t even sure if it will make a difference. The girls were in tears and with the pull at my heart strings of course I was going to RAK them. I just dropped by and explained that their server, whom they had a discussion about their current circumstances, let me know they were going through some tough situations and that we wanted to make tonight a little better by doing something nice for some long time regulars. They were very appreciative and welled up a bit. Nice job girls thank you for getting me involved. Prayers out to the family going through such a tough ordeal.

One good deed for a long time regular

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This afternoon Libby told me a gentleman in her party asked about a veteran discount. She told them ,”I’m sorry that is only on Tuesdays.” He told her his wife has parkinson’s disease and she can’t always come but loves T-bones . She still tries to frequent here  she gets upset when she can’t make it. Libby asked if there was anything we could do to brighten their day. So we RAK’d them. I remember waiting on this couple myself 10 years ago. It’s always a great feeling to make someones day. Thank you Libby.

Little Lift For a Big Loss

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Tonight in cocktail I asked Rich to RAK a couple that comes in regularly one to two times a week. They sat down and shared with me that they had to put their dog down earlier in the afternoon and were not in the best of spirits. This couple is always cheerful so it was sad to see them going through this hard time. I chose to RAK them and hopefully lighten their spirits, and it worked. The couple was extremely thankful for the kind act and even got a little teary eyed. I am positive they will pay it forward and will definitely be back to our Hudson store.  

There is More Good Than Bad

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Tonight an elderly woman, who I recognized as a long time regular, came in with two other women for dinner. She said to me flat out “I was robbed”. I said, “Excuse me?” , thinking I must have miss heard her. Her friends told me she was 92 and recently robbed at a Walmart. She had her purse, medicine and money stolen out of her cart. I wanted to show her that there is more good than bad out there. We took care of their dinners tonight. I also gave her a Gift Card for her next visit.

Tragic Loss

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I found out recently a schoolmate of mine had lost their brother. This man has had cousins who worked for the company. So many people know this family, including T-BONES employees and locals. He was a beloved brother, uncle, father to two, step-father to three, fiancee, and friend to so many. I noticed the immediate family of the gentleman come in to dine tonight at Hudson T-BONES. I later approached them and let them know we would be taking care of them this evening and offered my condolences for their loss. They were extremely appreciative. I only spoke with them a couple of times as I knew they would want space. I just hope we made their night a little better by the good gesture. I am very proud to work for a company that gives so much.

Pastor present

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Tonight I happened to notice someone in the dining room who I hadn’t seen there before but who I have been getting to know . He is a Pastor at a church in Nashua. I know this man has helped me in my life and helped me stay on the right path. He has helped my sister find strength in herself when she felt she had none left. There sat a man who asks of nothing and gives all he has/can to help others. Well tonight I decided we could do a small favor for him. Their bill wasn’t large but their gratitude was. I told him. “I know how many people you help on a daily basis and I know you may have reservations on letting me,  I would like to take care of your meal tonight. It would make my night to say thank you on behalf of all the good you do and people you help without even realizing it”. ~Thank you Pastor Paul~

True Love ,Young hearts ,Family Values

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Last night I had a long time server, Jess ,approach me with a couple that really moved her. These two were a typical young couple well dressed , well kept in appearance not looking like they were wanting for anything. They had to be late 20s early thirties. As Jess struck up conversation she found out they have been together for 12 years have 4 kids from 1-8 years of age. They have really made sacrifices they each take turns working taking care of their family bringing up their kids providing great quality of life and haven’t had a night out in 6 YEARS! They had the look of love when they looked at each other two people who really have each others back in this world. The Lady was going to order desert even though she wasn’t hungry just to savor the night. Well, for Micheal and Natasha we let them have the whole evening and on us she was so moved they were both so grateful and let us know it was their first visit! We moved them to the bar to relax when the dinning room closed, made them feel like family and then let them be to have their special well deserved date night. Very proud of this staff, this company and of those special people who touch our lives here.

Guests that feel like family

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Tonight at the bar one of our amazing regulars came in and before I could even get them a drink she said that earlier this week I had come around the bar and gave her a hug and that she wanted to let me know that meant so much to her and that she needed that hug so badly that day.  Her story went on and she let me know that day she found out that her mother was very sick and that the doctors had told them there was nothing they could do and that it happened fast and she passed away yesterday.  I remember how earlier this week when I saw her I just felt she needed a hug and I’m so glad I was there to give it to her. I am going to take care of their dinner tonight and be so grateful for everyone in my life T-BONES staff and guests are all special to me.

Many Hands Make Less Work!

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A few days late posting this – but still awesome.  We had some very regular guests in for lunch last week.  One of them has Parkinson’s and on her way out one of her legs froze up and she couldn’t move right at the entryway.  In addition to the guests she had dined with were Arlene and John Maloney.  These guests were just arriving and didn’t even hesitate to assist.  They both comforted the guest as we were able to get her to sit into an office chair (on wheels) and give her a ride down the accessible ramp to the car.  I stopped by the table as they were just finishing their meals to thank them for the help and to take care of their meals.  They were thrilled and will be back to let me know how they “Paid it Forward”!