Oh butternut, how we love you!

GNHRT-BONES Salem 1 Comment

Greeted a party of 3 for lunch today and the first words spoken were: “Do you have butternut squash yet?!?” I replied that we did indeed have butternut squash available. Our guests then told me they drove a half an hour to come for lunch and were very happy to hear that. I took a look at their lunch when it was delivered and sure enough, every plate had squash, and in addition had both a large and small side order to boot. These folks love our squash. So to enhance the event, I hooked them up with a certificate to come back and asked them to share the good word with a PIF certificate. That earned a hug.

Veteran enters nursing home

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

A group of regulars joined us today. Jessica Cone was the server but Kelly recognized one of the members and proceeded to ask how she and her husband have been. The woman shared her husband, Donny a Retired Veteran, has entered the nursing home for the last time. He is in the final stages of his life. We decided to bring some happiness to their day by sharing our Random Act of Kindness program.  They were extremely appreciative, impressed and looking forward to sharing their Random Act of Kindness with the $25 Gift Certificate we provided.

an odd twist

GNHRT-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had an elder gentleman asking the bartender how he can “rak” a friend of his that helped take care of him in a time of need. She explained that we do “rak’s” as a company and that the managers choose someone at random. He didn’t quite get the concept of how it worked so the bartender sent me over. Before I went over to introduce myself I inquired about the gentleman from a couple staff members. to which they all agreed that he was a regular and a very sweet man. So I ventured over and explained to him how a “Rak” really works and that I was going to RAK him and pick up his lunch because of how thoughtful he was. He told me that he had some health issues and his friend helped him through everything and all he wanted was to pay it back.

Wedding Bells

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

My RAK this week was a no brainer. Stacey, who was a very regular regular when she lived in N.H. was in town. She is getting married on Friday. She moved to Tennessee, but makes it a point to come to T-Bones every time she is in town. She was in for dinner with her fiancé and her parents, so I picked up their dinner tab. As Stacey is from around here, so was very happy to get the opportunity to Pay it Forward.

Pay it Back to Pay it Forward

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

My RAK this week went to Amanda and Shelly. They are the owner, and one of the server/part-time managers at Maddie’s in Salem They are two of the kindest people I know. My father in law goes to Maddie’s almost every day, and they treat him like a king. I took up their tab today, and Shelly was very happy to get the Pay it Forward gift certificate. Come to find out, that about 4 months ago, some one gave her a Pay it Forward certificate, so she was very happy to get the chance to Pay it Forward.

1st Peeps of the day!

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I chose the first party that sat in the dining room this morning.  It was a party of 4.  A Mom and Dad and their 2 small kids.  I went over and explained who I am and what I wanted to do for them.  This was their 1st time in and a friend had told them about us.  They thought we were great so far, and I gave them a GC for a future visit.  Hopefully I we caught a new regular 🙂

Missing Miss Dolly

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Dolly and Judy, mom and daughter, were quite the regulars here at Hudson T-BONES.  Lately only Judy has been coming in – still somewhat frequent – but without her mom.  Come to find out her mom is now under hospice home care at Fairview Nursing Home down the road from here.  Looks like she will be there for a while.  I picked up the tab for Judy and her friends along with a gift certificate for Dolly.  That way she can have a meal and appetizer (Potato Skins – no bacon) on us!   Judy was overcome with tears and jumped up to give hugs to myself and our T-BONES ambassador Claudette.

She Defeated The Big C

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had a group of regulars come in tonight who I used to serve every week when they would come in. Tonight was special though. John brought in his sister who just recently was given a clean bill of health of being cancer free. She had undergone months of Chemo and Radiation, at the highest levels I might add, in order to fight the good fight to overcome such a scary part of today’s society. She had her hat on her head, but said it was like wearing a badge that she had won, and defeated the most extreme challenge she had ever faced. She told me it was her will to live, to not just give up, to push through the pain, which is what defeated her cancer. She said the doctors couldn’t believe she was able to do what she did to survive. So tonight, I told her I was giving her a victory meal, and that her dinner was on us, as well as a Gift Certificate for her to bring everyone back and enjoy something on us. I then gave her a Pay if Forward to give to someone else. The first thing she said was that she was going to go back to the treatment center and give it to a family there in order to help them with the burden that they too are facing. I gave her a hug and she kissed my cheek and told me she was grateful there are people like myself and places like T-Bones who care about others as much as we do. I shook John’s hand and thanked him for bringing his family in for dinner.

Old Friends

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had a table of ladies come in tonight to dine with us. Were very engaged in conversations for most of their visit, so when I stopped by to ask how their meals where, they told me the food was amazing and that they were three friends who had recently connected and decided to meet up at T-Bones to catch up. They were trading stories about their lives since the last time the three had met up years ago. I explained our Random Act of Kindness and that I had chosen them to be mine. I gave them at Gift Certificate and told them not to wait so long to meet up at T-Bones again. I also gave them a Pay If Forward to give to someone else.

Puppies First Visit

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had a family sit on the terrace tonight. It was their second visit, however it was the first visit for their 3 month old Husky, still fluffy with puppy fur. They loved the fact they were able to bring their new edition to the family, only the second day with her, to a dog friendly restaurant and sit in the sun and even have a dog menu. They were very impressed with the service they received as well as the food, especially for the pup. I informed other staff members of the puppy and everyone wanted to see her as well. The family was even more grateful when I told them their new edition to the family had prompted me to choose them for my Random Act of Kindness. I gave them a $25 Gift Card for a future visit, and a Pay It Forward to give someone else, they said they would find another family with a dog so they could bring theirs in as well. Awesome family and such an adorable puppy.