Bad Day Made Better

GNHR T-BONES Derry 2 Comments

Tonight Tabatha and Toni asked if we could RAK an older gentleman that was wearing a back brace. He fractured his back trying to catch his neighbor when he fell from a truck. Unfortunately, they both still got injured. But the neighbor’s injuries were minimal compared to what would have happened. We paid for their tab and they were SO very appreciative. They told me about how much they love T-BONES and have been loyal guests since the beginning.

Nifty Hitting the 50’s!

GNHR T-BONES Salem 1 Comment

At Salem T-BONES we had a wonderful couple dining with us who was celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary. I recognized them as regulars and learned of their milestone while stopping by to say hello. We took care of the couples dinner tab and presented them with a $54 gift card for next time they visit us. They were quite thrilled and excited to Pay it Forward! We also had another couple, Jack and Alice dining with us after hitting 50 years of marraige last Friday. I visited with them for a few minutes and they shared with me that over the 50 years they learned to “compromise and communicate” and that’s what got them to their milestone! We presented them with a $50 gift card and took care of their tab as well! Congratulations to both couples!

New Daddy

GNHR T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

Last night Aidan took a takeout order over the phone from a new dad who was coming in to grab food for himself and his wife. He asked me if there was anything we could do for him as he was elated and couldn’t wait to share he had just had a baby! I asked Aiden to call him back and see if we could interest them in some desserts. When he came in to pick up his food I surprised him with a dining certificate so he and his wife could come out to dinner when they could get a babysitter and have some time to themselves. He was incredibly appreciative to have his special day made even better!

First Time!

GNHR T-BONES Salem 1 Comment

Tonight I was told about how great Shaun was in explaining everything there was to know about T-BONES (menu, history, etc.) to a couple of first time guests.  He took the time to review menu items, things that can be modified or substituted.  I went by the table and thanked them for coming out to Salem T-BONES.  The guest stated that they “have driven by many, many times and have never stopped”.  Tonight she asked her daughter “hey how about T-BONES”?   The daughter agreed.  They thoroughly enjoyed the service from Shaun and will be back!  I presented them with a gift certificate to come back again!   Newly made guests/friends!

Started Something Big

GNHR T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

Yesterday we RAK’d a family who’s been going through some tough times. A member of their family has a terminal disease and is being treated for a blood infection. This has been an ongoing series of treatments in and out of the hospital for a variety of reasons related to cancer. When the family came in yesterday we wanted to spread some light into their world since they had spent the day at the hospital. We bought their dinner and then presented them with a few Gift Cards that they could share with those they wanted to thank or just shed some light to their day as we had theirs. Today they came in and bought $500 worth of gift certificates so they could thank the people surrounding their family members care and have been sharing them at the hospital. They wanted to keep going what we started. What a pretty big set of events we put in motion.