PMA In Da House!

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Had a party of 8 come in with (4) kids who had run in a race today.  The Presentation of Mary squad won the “team” event and these four came out to celebrate.  Took care of the appetizers and gave each of the (4) a Pay It Forward Certificate to hand out.  The parents were very happy and the kids were too!

Food Pantry

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

A  couple of regulars came in during lunch today and Claudette our hostess said  ” Wow, nice to see you during the day.”  As they were walking to their table I had over heard them saying that the husband had the day off and was helping her at the food pantry. The woman said she has worked there for 15 years. I knew in that moment I wanted to take care of their lunch. When I told them I had over heard the conversation and that I was taking care of their food the woman had tears in her eye. She later told me that they were going back to give food to 80 families and she would be able to give the $25 gift card to someone in need.  

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Tonight I stopped by a table with a dad Gary, and his little daughter Ava.  They had just completed dinner and was going to clear their dishes.  Ava stated that she wanted a cookie (she got the KLW Salmon).  So I said I’ll get you one – before I could leave the table she showed me that she lost her tooth just a couple of days before.  We chatted and she said the tooth fairy left her $4.  I left and knew I was going to RAK them.  I brought over the cookie along with a tiny “fib”.  I let her know that the tooth fairy had actually called us and said to surprise her some more.  I told her we were taking care of their dinner and handed her the $25 RAK certificate.  Her jaw dropped!  She was very excited and left the restaurant thanking the tooth fairy out in the open.  Really cute girl…they’ll be back!

Wooooooo Hooooooo !

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Tonight as I was walking into work I saw a dad and his son get out of their vehicle and heard the young man scream and I quote “YES T-Bones Woo Hoo. T-Bones T-Bones T-Bones! This made me smile because he clearly was so excited to be coming into diner this evening! I knew from that moment I wanted to make his night extra special. After they were done eating I went over and told this young man that I heard his happy chant in the parking lot and he seemed to get embarrassed. I told him when I was younger that I had the same reaction he did when I would go to Hudson with my parents! I gave him a gift certificate to bring his dad out to dinner and also a pair of our awesome kids sunglasses! He almost screamed again and was beyond thrilled… Moments like this is truly what makes me so proud to work for this amazing company and see how many smiles we can give someone!

Check out my new boots!

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I met a young gentleman who wanted to come here after spending a long day shopping with Auntie and Mama. They were driving by and Hector said he wanted to eat at T-Bones. Mama and Auntie were a bit frazzled after shopping, so they pulled right in. Hector was very happy to show off his new boots to all around and was an instant favorite with the staff. I gave him a certificate to come back the next time he went shopping so he could show us what he got. There was a big smile on his face after that.

California Regular

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We have a woman regular at Bedford T-Bones, who lives in California, however is in New Hampshire a lot for business. Every time she is in the area she makes a point to come in and have dinner at T-Bones. Her most recent visit included a family dinner, after which she made her way to T-Bones to have the dinner she was really looking forward to. I bought her dinner and dessert for her and gave her a pay it forward. I explained how that works and said but please don’t give it to someone in California as it might not make its way back to New Hampshire.

Pre Surgery Jitters

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had a woman come in who was having surgery the next morning. She was very nervous and was worried about the outcome and the procedure. I did not talk to her much about the surgery as I knew it was bothering her, so instead I sat down and just talked about life with her as she was eating alone and no one to talk to. We visited for a little while and gave her a Gift Certificate for $25 dollars to come back as soon as she had recovered and bring her daughter who was driving her for the surgery. She was finally smiling which is what I was aiming for in order to relax her mind from what she was about to go through. I also gave her a Pay It Forward to give to someone else and make them smile as well.

local businesses unite

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While working an event last week at St. Anne’s Taste of the Town I met a very nice couple that own J&B Butcher in Hampstead NH. We worked side by side at a very busy and exciting event. I was thrilled to represent our company in my community. We were both husband and wife teams working side by side and enjoyed each other’s company. During the very little downtime we learned that Jim and Cheryl were faithful TBones regulars so they were ecstatic to be set up next to us and enjoy our Chili and Espinachos. When I saw them today on a new week I just had to tell them about our Random Act of Kindness program and bought their lunch. Owning a local business in our community, I have no doubt they will pass along our $25 RAK GC to a worthy person. They were very impressed to see a business of our stature to work a community event like the Taste of the Town and we definitely impressed them more when they learned about our RAK program.

Date Night

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One of my servers Jenny let me know that we had a couple dining tonight, that we out for their first date night after the birth of their first child. Taylor and Kim had their daughter 2 weeks ago, and got Grandma and grandpa to babysit for a couple of hours so that they could go out to dinner. They were very surprised, and extremely happy to be chose as my random act of kindness for the week. The will no doubt pay it forward.

Actor RAK

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We have a regular that frequents both Derry and Bedford. He is a an actor that does Kevin James’ stunt doubles amongst other projects. I however, know him as a person who has the same type of Cancer as my mother. Not many people know of Carcinoid Tumors but they are deadly and unless caught early often have a short life span but he, like my mother, had aggressive surgery with predicted positive outcomes. Recently I know he has had several screenings with  a few concerns. He has also been feeling lousy and struggles with arthritis and possibly looking at a knee replacement. He is a very generous person who frequently does selfless acts like picking up someone’s breakfast order at a diner or Dunkin Donuts and I thought this would be another opportunity for him to do a Random Act of Kindness with our help.