California Couple!

GNHRT-BONES Derry 1 Comment

Tonight Lou had a couple in the lounge visiting from California. They have never been to New England and a wedding has them here visiting. They shared that they collect items from places that they have visited. Dave and I went over to give them two tee shirts (of course one is the Red Sox logo!). The couple was very happy with the gesture and the new T-bones tees to add to their collection of travel souvenirs.

turned her day around

GNHRT-BONES Derry 1 Comment

Jenny approached me after becoming aware that a woman at her table clearly was in distress. Two women were waiting for the third and fourth person to join their table.  A highchair awaited one of them. After a short while a woman joined the party in tears. We don’t know the complete dynamics of what happened before she joined her friends but she wasn’t able to have her child with her tonight and Jenny overheard she wasn’t sure she could join her friends for dinner clearly stressed about payment for her meal. We wanted to do something to make her day and allow her some moments of happiness regardless of how brief they were. We decided to give her a GC to use tonight and one to join us again. She broke down in tears hugging Jenny and let us know that it was truly a remarkable thing we were doing because she couldn’t begin to express how terrible she felt in life at this time. The women left Jenny a wonderful note expressing how we turned someone’s day around and made an impression we aren’t able to even comprehend.

Turning a frown upside down!

GNHRT-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Today we had a visit from a lovely woman who had unfortunately lost her husband recently. She was here with her son and his wife, and this was the first time she had been out to eat since last year due to her husband falling ill. When my hostess Samantha informed me of this I just knew we had to RAK them. They were so appreciative, and we all couldn’t help but feel for this sweet woman who was now smiling, despite her recent loss. It’s so nice to be able to make people smile even if they’re going through a tough time, just by acknowledging their situation and showing we care.

Thank you for your service!

GNHRT-BONES Salem 1 Comment

Tuesday I noticed a veteran hat on the table of a party of three and so I went over to thank them for their service. After a few minutes of talking to this gentleman I knew I had to take care of his bill for the table. His name was Bill and he was telling me how he served for over 20 years in the US army. He served in both the korean and vietnam war! The table was very happy that we were taking care of them and were pleased to be able to Pay It Forward.

Mom’s Day Out (sort of)

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Today we had a party of 5 – 3 moms and 2 kids.  The kids had no school today and were a “crimp” in the plans.  The kids were actually really good during the meals and we decided to take care of the tab.  While the mother’s were enjoying their dessert (frozen mudslides) I explained our Random Act of Kindness, handed off the RAK and they were all very happy to have been chosen.  Hopefully the last snowstorm for New England!

One good deed for a long time regular

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This afternoon Libby told me a gentleman in her party asked about a veteran discount. She told them ,”I’m sorry that is only on Tuesdays.” He told her his wife has parkinson’s disease and she can’t always come but loves T-bones . She still tries to frequent here  she gets upset when she can’t make it. Libby asked if there was anything we could do to brighten their day. So we RAK’d them. I remember waiting on this couple myself 10 years ago. It’s always a great feeling to make someones day. Thank you Libby.

half a lifetime

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Two guests dined in last night enjoying each other’s company and taking their time. One of our newer employees had sparked up a conversation with them while taking care of the couple and learned they were out celebrating 15 years !!!! we offered them dessert on the house for their anniversary which that alone they were touched. Once finished their dining experience I went over to congratulate them and show my admiration for spending half their lifetime with each other as I’m only on my five year anniversary. I wished them many more wonderful years and then let them know we took care of their bill. They were astounded and grateful

out all night

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This was from the other night: We had a group of guys in the lounge that had been out plowing. One of them had been out for over 24 hours and stopped in for a break. We thanked him for our paved roads and offered him a 25 RAK to share with someone in his travels

GNHRRAK 2 Comments

Tonight we decided to Rak two ladies that were sitting alone outback in Louisiana. I had asked Mike if he wanted to rak anyone and he picked them just because they were very nice ladies. I went back and told them why Mike picked them , and that we were buying their meals. They were very surprised and super happy.

Little Lift For a Big Loss

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Tonight in cocktail I asked Rich to RAK a couple that comes in regularly one to two times a week. They sat down and shared with me that they had to put their dog down earlier in the afternoon and were not in the best of spirits. This couple is always cheerful so it was sad to see them going through this hard time. I chose to RAK them and hopefully lighten their spirits, and it worked. The couple was extremely thankful for the kind act and even got a little teary eyed. I am positive they will pay it forward and will definitely be back to our Hudson store.