We’ll All Be There Someday!

GNHR RAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had a mother and father, a bit older, with their daughter in for lunch today. They met here on their return trip from Cape Cod for lunch. They were super nice and very fun to talk to about the Cape and New Hampshire and life in general. JJ was their server and she told me that the father kept apologizing to the two ladies, wife and daughter, for having to help him with every part of his meal. He was frustrated with how age had taken a hold of him and he knew the ladies didn’t mind helping him but was still upset he couldn’t do everything himself. The two ladies just reassured him it was nothing big and they were here for him. It was amazing to see and brought a tear to JJ’s eye. I gave them a gift card for a future visit, the next time they meet here, and a Pay It Forward. They were very thankful and couldn’t stop smiling.

T-Bones for Vets

GNHR T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Tricia informed me that she noticed that every holiday weekend the same gentleman comes in an buys 2 T-bones for his neighbors who happen to be vets!  How could I not RAK him for PIF!  We need more neighbors like him!

Missing lunch date!

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A very nice lady came in for lunch today expecting to meet up with a friend. She was sat and had ordered both their meals while waiting for the other person to join. As her server, Lucy, was talking to her she got an unexpected call from her friend saying she was unable to make it. She proceeded to tell Lucy that this isn’t the first time this has happened to her and she would just take the other meal to go. Lucy didn’t have the heart to make her pay for both and let me in on the situation, explaining how sweet this lady was. I decided to RAK her and pick up both lunches. As I was sitting at the table chatting with her and explain how to pay it forward she said “I guess this is a great birthday after all!”. I was so excited to be able to turn around her day and sent her home with a slice of Chocolate Dream Cake as well!

Visitors from Virginia!

GNHR T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had a nice middle aged couple come in today from Virginia. They were saying to their server, Emma,  how everything was wonderful here and how glad they were that they chose to come here for lunch. Emma then asked if they have ever dined with any other of our restaurants and they said it was their first time in New Hampshire! I was very excited to be able to welcome them and get to “wow” them on their first trip to our great state and thank them for picking us for lunch, so I picked up their entire tab and asked them to pay it forward! The were very pleased and said they will definitely make a trip back to New Hampshire to visit us!

state champs

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a young girl and her very proud family joined us for dinner announcing that her team had just won the state championships!!!! I had delivered their food and her mom was still raving how proud she was so i visited them after they dined and shared our random act of kindness program. I purchased the young girls meal items and offered them a $50 GC to join us again and handed the girl a $25 RAK to present to someone of her choosing. I hope to see them again

Veteran’s Count

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Sunday May 20th 2017, I was working on the floor. I kept walking by table 11 with a gentlemen with a hat on saying he was a veteran.  I must have walked by a few times and each time I walked by his hat caught my eye.  Two years ago at this time I lost my dad who was 93 and also a Veteran. I figured what better way to honor my dad than to stop by and talk to this gentlemen and his wife. I went and got a RAK and a $25.00 GC for them to come back… I went and sat with them.. Yes and you guessed it I had tears in my eyes… cause thats is just me… I explained the RAK to them and how it works .  He and his wife were very happy to hear that we did the random acts of kindness and were more than happy to pass it on to someone that “caught their eye”… All and all they made my day and i do believe i made theirs…  

Fellow Bartenders!

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Today I had the pleasure of doing a RAK for some of our fellow bartenders from Grand Slam Grill & Bar! Many of our staff frequents Grand Slam and they always treat us so well, I thought it would be great to treat them to dinner and pay it forward. They were super appreciative and thankful, and couldn’t wait to pass it along to some other folks in the industry 🙂

masters degree RAK

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We had a family dining in celebration of a young woman’s achievement earning herself a Masters Degree from Colby- Sawyer. We bought her dinner and issued her a $50 gift certificate for her to dine in again and celebrate her new job position she is starting soon helping domestic violence victims.

Goes around comes around!

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Today a young lady named Olivia (5)  found a wallet under a table with a lot of money in it.  Olivia brought up to me right away.  I had to RAK her!   Olivia is excited to PIF and make someones day. I was able to get ahold of the own of the wallet and able to

52 Years and Counting!

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A lovely couple came in tonight as it was their 52nd anniversary. They were so kind and had mentioned the recent passing of his mother, saying it was so nice to get out and enjoy a nice night together. They left with huge smiles on their faces and gave hugs as they were leaving, as well as raving about how great of an experience they had here at Copper Door. It is a pleasure to be able to give back to those that are so deserving.