New family in Town

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I had a family come in for lunch with an adorable little boy who had just moved into town, so I kinda stole Missy’s idea (loved it Missy), and gave him five $10 GC’s for dessert to bring to kids in the neighborhood (one for him!) as a way of introducing himself and gave the parents the RAK GC to give to a neighbor-they were thrilled!  

Laconia RAK

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A couple of regulars Joanne and David Tessier were in for dinner at T-Bones Thursday night. After socializing for a bit with one of our bartenders Jocelyn they told her how their entire condo was flooded because of faulty plumbing in the condo above. They had been staying with various friends but it was clear they missed having their own home and personal space. I decided to give them a one night stay in a king suite at the Marriott Townplace Suites. I told them to pretend they were on vacation and try to have a good time. They were completely caught off guard and were beyond thankful.

Good Deeds!

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Friday night Nikki came to me said there was a guest outside a little shaky ……  Friday night there was a bad car accident in Bedford (by the old home office)  Colleen had stopped to help the victims by providing CPR.  As I approached the table we both knew we knew each other (small world)  first connection was she works at my sons school,  second connection she worked here 20 years ago as a server when I was a busser.   Colleen Rush is a great lady with a big heart.  She was more than grateful for the RAK and is hoping to PIF to the officer that came to assist her.

Needed a Smile

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Mother and daughter were in tonight for dinner on the way to see her husband/dad who is in senior housing across the street. They have been regulars since 1985!  Shaynna had asked if we could buy dessert for him.  When I heard the story and the sad look on the ladies’ faces I felt a RAK was the better way to go and a smile is what I got (followed by a few happy tears)! They know the perfect nurse to PIF to, she has helped the whole family with the transition!

It’s A Small World!

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Today I chose a random table my RAK.  Bob and Lou Ellen were the guests – Their last name sounded familiar so I asked if they were related to Bob, who was from Nashua and shared the same last name.  He ended up being their son! Their son was a good friend to me in high school!  We had a great chat and reminisced about our HS days!  I bought their meal and they look forward to coming back as well as Paying it Forward!

Late Night Regular

GNHR T-BONES Bedford 2 Comments

Had a young man come in tonight who met up with a friend. They are both late night regulars who are always a blast to talk to. They have great stories about life and school and always get each other laughing. He always has the same drink so I tease him about it. Just a good down to earth person who has always been super nice to me and the staff. I took care of his dinner and dessert. I gave him a Pay it Forward and sent him out to make someone else’s day.  

Boys in Blue!

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My RAK went to a group of five officers who came in to enjoy lunch. I went over when they were finishing up their meals and asked how everything was to which they all responded with how much they enjoyed it. I told them that I was going to pick up their entire tab but I needed them to do me a small favor and give away the $25 certificate. They all thanked me immensely.

Free Dessert for a Month!

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I Rak’d a 12 year old girl today.  I bought her dessert and gave her four $5.00 gift certificates to buy herself dessert the next 4 times she came in! I also gave her $25.00 to Pay It Forward and told her she could give it to anyone she wanted.  She was very excited to be chosen and I believe it made a huge impact on her parents.


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Tonight a family of four came in, and as I walked by I noticed they were all playing cards together. Not one of them had any electronics out the whole time they were here; their server and I both thought it was great! When I stopped by, the parents said they were just trying to pro-long the inevitable that their children would be sucked into the electronics world but they were mind blown that they had their meals paid for, just for playing cards together! The kids were grinning from ear to ear as well.

51st state of union

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On Thursday we had guests Ann and Dan come in for lunch to begin a long day of celebration as they marked 51 years of marriage. We hooked them up with a certificate to visit again, and when Ann learned of the pay it forward segment, we all got hugs. It was a great moment!