1st Timers Or So They Thought

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Tonight it was brought to my attention that we had a couple in the dining room dining for their first time at T-BONES. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to go and say thank you for coming in for dinner and giving us a try. They really enjoyed our turkey dinners and I told them they needed to try one of our homemade desserts so they had our coconut creme pie. They actually live in Michigan so they were told by their son to come give it a go. I was telling them that we have our sister stores CJ’s and Copper Door. They had no idea Copper Door was affiliated with us. They went to dinner there 2 nights prior and absolutely loved their experience. When they come back to town they will be back to both our locations. I ended up buying their check and sent them away with a gift certificate to Pay it Forward to someone before they left the following day.

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