A Great Sendoff

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Tonight’s RAK was one of the most emotional to date.  There was a young family in for dinner.  Our hostess Claudette asked if we could buy the Dad dinner as he is being deployed to the Middle East in the morning.  We did one better.  We bought dinner for the family.  His wife stood up and hugged me immediately with tears in her eyes.  They were trying to keep the dinner upbeat for the teenage daughters, so this helped out a bit I think.  Before they left, they told me that they were going to Pay it Forward to their neighbor who has been living in a hotel for the past several weeks after losing their home to a house fire.  They were one of the nicest families I have ever met.  He told us that he would be back for dinner when he gets home and to have a T-BONES waiting for him…..

– Tricia St. George

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