An Old Friend

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Tonight Megan approached me about how one of her tables wanted to pay for another tables tab. The women explained that she went to high school with the other women sitting accross the dining room, and how close they used to be back in the day. She further told us that her friend was autistic, and how great it was to see how well she was doing after such a long time apart, and knowing how problematic highschool had been for her. She got emotional, and insisted on paying for the others tab. Me and Megan decieded to RAK both tables tonight. When we told the women we payed her friends tab, she got teary eyed, and her and her entire family were very thankful. She wasn’t expecting to get RAKed herself! When we further explained that we were also paying for her dinner, as a way of saying thank you for the kind gesture, her and her whole family were at a loss for words. The expressions on their faces were priceless, and their gratitude cannot be expressed in writing. The family thankes us immensely and told us they cannot wait to fmake someone elses day with the $25 gift card we gave them, to pay it forward. An amazing RAK at Derry T-Bones today!

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