Enlisted Early and Still Going

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Had a gentleman come in with his Navy hat/cover on with an abundance of pins. I thanked him for his service and complimented him on his amazing hat/cover. He explained that he served in WWII in the US Navy on an aircraft carrier. I sat and visited with he and his wife a little while. He was very proud to have been able to serve. He told me that he actually enlisted when he was only 16 with his mother’s permission. He further explained that his mother would also receive $50.00 a month for his service which is a huge reason he enlisted. I talked with him about what it was like being at sea and the planes that were coming and going. He told me he had recently turned 92 and the two greatest things in his time on this earth were serving his country and meeting his wife. He was super excited to share his knowledge and full of compliments about our restaurants. As my Random Act of Kindness, we bought their lunches and he was super thankful. I then handed him a Pay It Forward Gift Card, which he was even more surprised about. He was excited to be able to go give someone else a gift. What a pleasant couple.

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