Hope for Next Generation

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Walking around the dining room tonight, a young girl darted in front of me. I looked to see what the rush was for and realized she was retrieving a cane for an elderly guest who had just dropped it upon standing up from her table. The young girl had sprung up to assist the woman the second she saw the cane fall. Upon talking to both parties and visiting for a little while, I came to find out that they were complete strangers and this was an act of kindness all on its own. I asked the young girl if she had ever tried any of our desserts and set a dessert menu in front of her. I told her to pick one out and I would personally take care of it for her. The rest of the table loved it. I presented them with the pay it forward gift card and instructed them to do just what they had already done for the nice lady with the cane to someone else.

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