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Never Before Midnight

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Tonight, Josh & I talked and we decided that we wanted the RAK to go to our midnight regulars Marty & Patty. Marty & Patty are originally from New Jersey (as he is sure to remind you multiple times per visit) and started coming to CJ’s when they were visiting family here about 2 years ago.  Recently they have made NH their home and they come by to visit us between 4-6 times a week but never before midnight.  Marty always tries the soup of the day and loves the variety we serve.  We as a management team look forward to reading the comments that he leaves for us at the meeting as they are almost always accompanied by some sort of joke or anecdote.  Tonight we picked up their whole tab as a thank you for being such wonderful guests.  Marty was definitely grateful and can not wait to pay it forward tomorrow.  I am sure we will be hearing all about it 🙂

– Amanda Mudgett

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