Solo on Her Birthday

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Had a woman come in by herself today for her birthday. I went over to talk to her and visit for a little while when I found out it was a tradition of herself and her son to go to T-Bones for her birthday every year. This year is the first time he was not with her as he is serving in our armed forces as a Marine. I sat with her for a while and listened to her speak of him and how proud she is for him to be serving our country. I held her hand as she cried mixed tears of joy and sadness. I then gave her a Gift Card and told her the next time he is on leave or home for good to bring him in and let us take care of the bill. I also gave her a Pay It Forward so she could make others smile as well. I gave her a hug and told her to please tell her son hello from T-Bones and that we will see him soon.

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