Hug me I’m Irish! (Birthday) :)

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Kim and Jason came in today for their first time to celebrate Kim’s Birthday. They were blown away by how great the food was and told Katie they couldn’t wait to come back with their friends. When I went over to tell them I had chosen them to be my RAK it brought tears to Kim’s eyes. Then to top it off we delivered a cupcake with a birthday message written on the plate. She hugged both Katie and I thanking us for making her birthday so special.

Happy Birthday Tears of Joy :)

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A lovely lady named Jordan was in celebrating her birthday with her husband and some friends. Towards the end of their visit Emily came to me to see if the women could purchase one of our hot Tea Forte cups. I packaged the Tea Forte Cup with an assortment of Teas and delivered it to the table. I explained to her all about the RAK and how I wanted to make her birthday a little extra special by gifting her the Tea Forte set. She was so blown away by the kind gesture that it brought tears to her eyes. She was so appreciative and is looking forward to paying it forward. 🙂

Love is in the air <3

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Tonight we had a newly engaged couple (as of today) come in to dine with us. Nancy approached me  letting me know and suggested that they should be my RAK tonight. She told me how sweet they were, and how in loved they seemed. They did not order a dessert so we presented them with our feature cupcake of the month with a Congratulations on it!! Just that made them smile ear to ear. When I then told them that their ENTIRE dinner was on us it brought tears to her eyes. Both of them were so thankful 🙂

Tea Party!!!

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We had a family of five come in for lunch because they LOVEEE the Tea Forte. The Mom raved to Alyssa about how much they love the tea and thats why they keep coming back. They asked Alyssa where they might be able to purchase a set of there own. Alyssa then came to me and we both decided to choose them for a RAK. I set up a whole package with two tea pitchers, two of each flavor tea we carry, even the little trays to put the tea bags on. When we presented them to her she was almost in tears. We definitely made her day! 🙂

Thank You For Your Service!

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This is a post both for August 12, 2016 & August 14, 2016. On Friday I had a couple come in for dinner. It was their first night out since her husband came back from basic training. She has been home with their four year old daughter while he was gone for eleven weeks. When I went over and told them their entire dinner was on us, they both started to tear up. They were so appreciative and couldn’t wait to pay it forward. This evening Katie had a walk-in party of eight come in for dinner to celebrate their son’s return from Afghanistan. He has been gone for a year and this morning was his return. We bought his dinner as a welcome back but also as a thank you for his service. He was beyond happy!!!!  🙂