Veteran’s Count

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 2 Comments

Sunday May 20th 2017, I was working on the floor. I kept walking by table 11 with a gentlemen with a hat on saying he was a veteran.  I must have walked by a few times and each time I walked by his hat caught my eye.  Two years ago at this time I lost my dad who was 93 and also a Veteran. I figured what better way to honor my dad than to stop by and talk to this gentlemen and his wife. I went and got a RAK and a $25.00 GC for them to come back… I went and sat with them.. Yes and you guessed it I had tears in my eyes… cause thats is just me… I explained the RAK to them and how it works .  He and his wife were very happy to hear that we did the random acts of kindness and were more than happy to pass it on to someone that “caught their eye”… All and all they made my day and i do believe i made theirs…  

First Timer

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One of our servers came over and told me we had a first timer here at T-BONES! I went over to his table and sat with him as I handed him a RAK. He said he would be coming back and was excited to go out and find someone to Pay It Forward to!