CJ’s First Date Memories

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Ruth came in this afternoon to pick up her favorite Chicken Fajita Salad. After chatting with her for a bit, I learned that CJ’s held a special place in her heart. Her husband had brought here for their very first date many, many years ago. Life has gotten in their way quite a bit, which has kept them away from  dining recently so I hooked her up with a gift certificate to come and join us for date night. Ruth thought the gesture was so great, and explained that she couldn’t wait for her husband to no longer work weekends in a few months so they could make their way in!

Post Dental Work Cravings

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One of our young CJ’s fans had dental work performed this morning. With a very swollen face & mouth, her only request from her mom and dentist were that she could still eat her favorite items from CJ’s. – Mac n’ Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, & Corn Bread. When they came in to pick up their takeout I let them know that lunch was on us. They were both stunned and so very grateful for receiving a random act of kindness!

Recruited & Ready

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This afternoon we had a young family in enjoying a nice lunch on St. Patrick’s Day. After chatting with them, Barbara & I found out that they had quite the change coming their way in just a week! Dad was getting his last moments in with his family before heading off to the military. We hooked them up with lunch on us, along with a big thank you for the sacrifice their family was about to make for our freedom! They were very thankful 🙂


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This afternoon we had a party of six join us for lunch. When they first sat, the women at the table mentioned that they were still waiting for their parents to arrive. They asked Sixto to play along with some jokes they wanted to play on them, and of course, he agreed. After lots of laughs, Sixto and I decided to make their day even better by taking care of their appetizers as well as hooking their parents with a gift certificate to join us again. They were so appreciative and couldn’t say enough great things about Cactus Jack’s & how wonderful Sixto was.

Veteran Discount

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Tonight Deana had a young couple who had asked if they could receive the Tuesday Veteran 25% off discount. Since I couldn’t provide the discount for them, I told Deana that we would RAK them and take care of their check instead. They were so grateful for the nice gesture & will be sure to pay it forward 🙂

19th Wedding Anniversary

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Taylor had approached me about his table being out for lunch to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. They had made a joke to him about how this was how people celebrate their 19th anniversary when they have children. Taylor and I thought it would be perfect to RAK them & hook them up with a generous gift certificate to come back and celebrate without any distractions. They couldn’t believe it when we told them what we were doing. They actually had Taylor take a picture with them so they could share with their friends 🙂

Velocity Visitor

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My RAK this week went to Cherie & her husband who came to visit us for dinner this weekend. I was very excited to RAK them because Cherie had actually gone out of her way to personally deliver some Velocity Performance paperwork to me a few weeks back, and I was happy to be able to thank her in person. I stopped by to see how their dinner was going and they began to tell me how they had not been to CJ’s in quite some time but that they were very happy they decided to come in for dinner because everything was fantastic! From the food to the service, everything was perfection! I let them know that dinner was on us and they were so thankful! They can’t wait to pay it forward!

10 Year Anniversary!

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My Random Act of Kindness went to Lesley & Thomas. They are frequent customers of my old home, T-BONES Hudson, but tonight they decided to take a drive and come visit Cactus Jack’s! They were here to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. These two were so sweet! This was actually their second marriage and they both never thought they would find love again. Thomas said after a year of chasing Lesley, she finally agreed to going on a date with him! 10 years later they’re madly in love and you can totally tell! They were so excited to have been chosen as my RAK & they knew exactly who they were going to give their Pay it Forward certificate to!

Cheers to 6 years!

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My random act this week went to a couple who came in to celebrate their ‘6 years of life together’ at our bar. I thought this was an interesting way to put it – not an anniversary, but years of life! I went over and let them know we were going to take care of their meals as well as hook them up with a gift certificate for the next time they choose to join us again! They were so please & couldn’t believe that their bartender thought to pass the message along about their celebration. In fact, they questioned if I was talking to the correct guests. After a big hug and a ‘Thank You!’ they let me know they would be sure to Pay It Forward and come back & visit us again soon!

Lost Payback$

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One of our guests dining in today left their Payback$ card. They called and spoke to the hostess and asked that we mail it back to them because they were worried that they wouldn’t get here soon enough & it may go missing. I thought it would be a nice surprise to include a gift certificate along with a note explaining how we perform random acts of kindness & that they also get to Pay it Forward. Hopefully they’ll enjoy their surprise & come in for lunch again soon!