True Love ,Young hearts ,Family Values

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Last night I had a long time server, Jess ,approach me with a couple that really moved her. These two were a typical young couple well dressed , well kept in appearance not looking like they were wanting for anything. They had to be late 20s early thirties. As Jess struck up conversation she found out they have been together for 12 years have 4 kids from 1-8 years of age. They have really made sacrifices they each take turns working taking care of their family bringing up their kids providing great quality of life and haven’t had a night out in 6 YEARS! They had the look of love when they looked at each other two people who really have each others back in this world. The Lady was going to order desert even though she wasn’t hungry just to savor the night. Well, for Micheal and Natasha we let them have the whole evening and on us she was so moved they were both so grateful and let us know it was their first visit! We moved them to the bar to relax when the dinning room closed, made them feel like family and then let them be to have their special well deserved date night.

Very proud of this staff, this company and of those special people who touch our lives here.

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