Unwinding After a Long Week

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Hudson RAK tonight went to a couple late night lounge guests, Matt & Brian. They came out to get a couple appetizers and just unwind from their long week. They definitely looked like they were having a great time so I swung by to see how everything was going… they couldn’t say enough about how amazing our food was & how much Matt loved our BBQ sauce. I told them I wanted to hook them up with free appetizers and they were so excited! They said they were planning on coming back just for our amazing BBQ sauce but the fact that we are performing Random Acts of Kindness and allowing them to Pay it Forward is even more of a reason to bring them back around. They are going to make sure to ask for me next time they’re in so I can hear about their Pay it Forward story 🙂 Love hooking up newbies!

– Meaghan Corriveau

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