We’ll All Be There Someday!

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Had a mother and father, a bit older, with their daughter in for lunch today. They met here on their return trip from Cape Cod for lunch. They were super nice and very fun to talk to about the Cape and New Hampshire and life in general. JJ was their server and she told me that the father kept apologizing to the two ladies, wife and daughter, for having to help him with every part of his meal. He was frustrated with how age had taken a hold of him and he knew the ladies didn’t mind helping him but was still upset he couldn’t do everything himself. The two ladies just reassured him it was nothing big and they were here for him. It was amazing to see and brought a tear to JJ’s eye. I gave them a gift card for a future visit, the next time they meet here, and a Pay It Forward. They were very thankful and couldn’t stop smiling.

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