A Show of Support

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We have a regular in our lounge named Tracy. He visits often but usually during the earlier part of the day. We noticed he was coming in more frequently at night. During one of his evening visits we learned his mother was in the hospital and he did not expect her to survive much longer. Seeing him at night meant he was visiting her and the visits became more frequent, eventually a daily occurrence. On one particular night he was sitting alone and started talking to one of our employees and opening up. While sharing stories and emotion, we wanted to show him how we truly do care about not only our employees and guests but their family as well. He was overwhelmed by the generosity and attempted a “thank you” but just hugged me. He came in the next day to pick up a quick take out and sought me out to say that he truly was beyond appreciative of the gesture. A few day later, I was dining in our lounge.  Tracy came over when he was ready to leave and said his mother had passed. While he was broken hearted, he will never forget the kindness he received while he was going through one of the toughest goodbyes. Not a lot of companies offer someone managing the front of the house the opportunity to impact someone that profoundly

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