Bringing Hope

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I met an extraordinary young man tonight. Our newest employee asked me to visit a table to help inform a guest about our Payback$ program. I visited the table of a mother and son, explained the program and shared the Mystery 50 promotion on Facebook since mom had ordered fish and chips. They asked me to return to the table so they could tell me what a wonderful experience they had tonight. Mom and son said Scott didn’t just wait on their table but “took care” of them. They were wrapping up a very long day at Dartmouth Hitchcock and briefly shared they were transferring from Boston Hospitals and were hopeful for the future. I asked her to sit tight, and that I had something for her. I returned with a $50 GC and a RAK GC since she had already cashed out. I told her I wanted to add to the already positive experience. I wanted them to visit us again next time they had a long day and wanted to be taken care of. We properly introduced ourselves and she then shared enough of her sons’ story to know I made an impact. He has had a pediatric neurologist and a team of other doctors since he was very young due to pregnancy complications. Ten year old Shawn was the most impressive, outgoing little boy, who was for the first time meeting his new team of specialists today. He shared it was the longest bunch of check ups he’s ever had. Today was a very special day because they were filled with so much hope after seeing each doctor. Shawn and Patricia felt so overwhelmed and left feeling like they couldn’t express enough gratitude. He was so excited to know he could  pay the kindness forward and give someone his own RAK.

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