First Timers

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Tonight my parents came in for dinner and while waiting for their table, found themselves chatting with a family that was visiting T-bones for the first time. My dad knew of our RAK program and suggested I check on them and see how they were enjoying their first time. By his description, I found the family and made a few “drive by” interactions and knew by chance they had a fantastic waitress that wow’d them.At one point I noticed the dad with the T-bones in hand, gnawing on the inside of the bone and was happy to see him enjoying his meal lol! I also noticed the couple interacting with their ten year old son and having great conversation which is always nice to see. No phones out at the  table just great conversation. So Myranda and I approached the table at the end of their experience and shared a $50 GC for their next time in hopes of gaining a new fan of our great establishment. They were thrilled and asked me to tell my dad he enjoyed chatting with him while waiting for their table. They will be back and look forward to paying it forward

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