How can you RAK this family enough

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**Warning** You may want to have tissues


Most people have felt the loss cancer can bring in some varying form. The onset can be the scariest part….not knowing if your prognosis is correct, not knowing if you will see your children grow up, or if you will grow old with your spouse. I can’t imagine experiencing  it on a first person level. I have only experienced the scare as it plagued my mother and father but both survived with aggressive surgeries and minimal long term effects. When Jessica approached me and shared she was just in a conversation with a guest about his families troubles, I couldn’t not react in some way to say we care deeply for your family and this most difficult time- what can we do… This gentlemen was dining with his wife. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. She is thankfully expected to live but you can see the cancer has taken the liveliness from her. What can be more heartbreaking than seeing your wife suffer through treatment? Your daughter being diagnosed a day apart with Stage 4 and not expected to make it. While the mother is suffering through her battle she and her husband have taken her daughter in with her kids and husband who is a marine and not home at all times. (I believe he is expected to take leave soon to be home through the next stages). The daughter is unable to eat, nor wishes to eat anything other than Mashed Potatoes preferably from here so we bought her all the mashed potatoes she will ever want. We took care of the couples tab and shared a card for them to give to their daughter with GCs in it attached to a note to recieve all the Mashed potatoes her heart desires. There is not a random act of kindness big enough to take the worry and pain away from this family but as they were leaving and sought me out to thank me, I knew that small guesture was greatly appreciated and when the mother smiled just a little bit with the sign of tears in her eyes I was grateful for the rush of a busy shift.



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