Losing 13 Teeth & Wanting T-BONES

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My RAK tonight went to a gentleman who had actually just lost 13 teeth a few days prior to his visit tonight. His girlfriend was very upfront with Erika (their server) about what had happened to him. Looking at him you would never have known that he had just had 13 teeth pulled, but since there was a chance he may not eat all of his dinner, she wanted Erika to know ahead of time to save the questioning of whether he liked his meal or not. Erika proceeded to find out that he was ordering Chili because all he had been craving was meat. In fact, all that he had eaten in the past few days was Chili from our restaurant. I hooked him up with a gift certificate for when he can finally enjoy a nice steak here at T-BONES Hudson. They were entirely grateful, and could not wait to Pay It Forward!

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