RAK for our Bank Receptionist

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Every morning when we call the bank to give them our change order, Shirley answers in her happy, upbeat way and it’s a great way to start the day.  Recently, she shared with me that she has cancer, but again she was positive and upbeat!  Tuesday morning when she answered she was not herself, so I asked how she was doing.  She had to move from her home this weekend and was just feeling down and tired and also sick too (I assume from treatments).   I made a gift certificate and booked over to our local florist on my way to the bank, ordered a beautiful bouquet flowers to brighten up the dreary day.  I wrote out and attached a nice note to the Gift Certificate/PIF GC to add to the arrangement-it was delivered a few hours later and it made her day.  She even tucked a nice thank you note into our change bag this morning…

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