sweet little lady sick of it all

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The other day I had an older woman come in to dine by herself. I led her to her seat and could tell she was looking to “vent” a little. She had come from a funeral earlier that day and didn’t want to go home just yet. Her son, who happens to be the same age as me, lives at her home with his girlfriend and a combined 3 kids between the two. They don’t help her out, kids don’t help her out, and they don’t pay any rent. She is still taking care of “everyone”. She continued to tell me how proud my mother must be that I have it so together…..(little does she know- i’m a hot mess between my hours and kids schedules hahahaha) Needless to say, I sat with her for a few minutes and let her talk. She thanked me for my time and was so grateful for some company. Kris took great care of her. I let him know ahead of time I wanted to make her day so he doted on her and made her feel extra special. He and I went over to share the good news. I told her she deserved to let people take care of her every once in awhile and our great GNHR family allows us to do just that. I asked her to keep on with the kindness and pay it forward to someone she wishes. With tears in her eyes she hugged me. blessed me asked my name so she could pray for me. We definitely impressed this kind woman and made her day

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