Lots of Love!

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The other night we had an elderly couple out celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary. As they put it, its not milestone, but each year is special in its own way. The funny part was three tables around them tried to buy their dinner before we did! I couldn’t help but smile and laugh by the third attempt. We decided to go a little above and beyond, giving each table a small portion of their tab (2 drinks and a dessert), while we picked up their dinner. On top of that we gave each table a $20 GC, and a RAK certificate. We made lots of people happy for trying to make other people happy. This is what it’s all about!

Clocking in for the Holidays

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Tonight we had a family come in to dine with us, both Mom and Dad are nurses at Lawrence General. In talking with them, comparing notes since we were both parents of 10 month old daughters, I found out that Mom was working Thanksgiving, and Dad is pulling the x-mas shift. My mom was a nurse growing up, so I understand the shifts they pull and its tough. I bought them dinner, and gave them a GC so after the holidays they might be able to start a new tradition of joining us for a nice meal. Mom cried (self proclaimed preganancy hormones with another little one on the way) and dad was very grateful. Hope they get to have a nice holiday together at some point.

On the road again

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This weeks RAK went to Denise and Joshua, a couple whose house in undergoing major renovations due to some “plumbing issues”. They have spent the last week in a rented RV and will have to do the same this week because, you know, contractors  always meet their deadlines, haha.  They both work in Concord all week, so its not so much an adventure as they would like it to be, but they are making due this weekend. I bought their dinners, gave them a GC so when they make it back down next weekend they can hopefully celebrate sleeping in their own beds.

RAK Deputy

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I especially enjoyed the RAK tonight. Every Sunday morning shift I stop at Heavenly Donuts in Windham to get donut holes for the Kitchen guys, a giant coffee for myself, and I always buy the car behind me a coffee or two as my random act of kindness for the week. Every week its the same young woman who completes my order, and she is always excited to be able to tell the people behind me they got a free coffee. Tonight she came in with her boyfriend, and we joked about how she’s my “RAK Deputy” every week. I was finally able to pay her back for all the help she’s given me over the last couple years by buying her dinner and hooking up with a GC for the next visit. She is really psyched to be able to give someone a RAK certificate at the drive though tomorrow morning, and will be on the look out for a worthy candidate. So thanks, Mellissa at Heavenly, hope you pick out someone good!

60th Anniversary

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A couple came in celebrating 60 years together! After first asking for advice, I told them we would be picking up the tab for them. They remarked how they were internet famous (their grandchildren apparently shared a post on “the facebook”)  and the special treatment is to be expected. After sharing some stories they went on their way, happy to pay it forward.

Wicked Allergies

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This morning a woman called in a takeout, and was really upset that another restaurant just tried to tell her that her allergies aren’t that serious, and she shouldn’t worry about it when they pack up her meals. This seemed really odd for someone to say to a guest, but like we always do we went over each ingredient, and our methods for cooking them allergy free. She was so happy that we took the time so I couldn’t help but buy her dinner as a Random Act as Kindness. She was so happy that she started clapping, and she can’t wait to pay it forward.

Scouts Honor

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Tonight a family came in and their sons were wearing their Boy Scout uniforms. They seemed a little self-conscious about it for some reason, so we started talking with them and told them how my brother and I used to go out to dinner with our scout uniforms on too. They were telling me all about their recent camping trip and how excited they were to be back home. I bought them dinner that night and told them how I know that camp food can sometimes not be the best food. They were very happy and can’t wait to pay forward.

Early Retirement

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This afternoon at table 64 a woman and her friends came in to celebrate her retirement. She seems kind of young so I asked what she was retiring from and she explained how she was a teacher for 25 years at a local elementary school, and was going to stay home and help raise her grandchildren from this point on. I bought her dinner and her friends dessert. They’re all very grateful and are excited to pay it forward down the line.

No Wallet, No Problem!

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Tonight a gentleman came in for his takeout, and after waiting for a few minutes it came up. When it came time to pay, he realized he had forgotten his wallet. I told him it was no big deal, and he just worked a long day so the dinner was on us. He was visibly surprised. I explained what we have been doing and he is excited to pay the good deed forward.

Proud Bro

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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting Jack and his sister Kaylee. Jack had just received his first paycheck and brought his sister, who had been driving him to and from work each weekend, out to dinner. I thought this was awesome and he was so proud to be able to do this. As to not steal his thunder by picking up the tab, I gave him a gift card for his next visit so he could bring his parents out to lunch as well. They were both so happy and can’t wait to pay it forward!