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While helping at the host stand tonight I took a party of 2 for Marcy, we got to chatting because I have a sister Marci (who happens to works at CJ’s).  Marcy had made a comment about not meeting many other Marci’s.  As the conversation progressed I learned that she has a sister named Rhianna.  How crazy is it that?!?  It was to crazy not to RAK this party and they are overjoyed to Pay It Forward.  Small world after all! -Rheanna

Stockings for Seniors!

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Happy Surprise…. While doing a table visit I met a nice couple, Jay and Jill.  When I returned with the PIF certificate I was happy to learn that they were more deserving.  Jay & Jill deliver “stocking for senior” every year to those who wouldn’t normally get anything for the Holiday.  I was so moved by their generosity that I gave them additional 10 PIF certificates.  Thank you Jay and Jill for your big hearts.  Happy Holidays to all!

T-Bones for Vets

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Tricia informed me that she noticed that every holiday weekend the same gentleman comes in an buys 2 T-bones for his neighbors who happen to be vets!  How could I not RAK him for PIF!  We need more neighbors like him!

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

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The Lewis’s are long time regulars at Bedford!  Today I received an email asking if we delivered.  The short story I got to “Yes” and asked her to give me a call. When I spoke with Valerie she explained that her and her husband have been stuck in the house for a few months due to a hit and run car accident and they missed us!  I was more than happy to help them out and of course I had to RAK them! Valerie was so moved about me buying her dinner she had to hand the phone to her husband so he could give me their address!  On my way out to bring them their dinner ….. they don’t know about the PIF yet!  HEHE

Made Me Laugh!

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Kristy’s guest needed their paybacks card looked up, she asked them to please spell their last name!  Kristy go back to the computer couldn’t understand why it wasn’t coming up!  They Spelled out M Y L A S T N A M E!  Love it!

There Are Still Gentlemen in the World!

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Today Gloria and Tracy, our hostesses, pointed out a young man that was having lunch with his grandmother and aunt.  They where bickering about who was going to pay.  He wanted to treat!  His car is in the shop and he is still in school so the ladies wanted to treat.  In the end he won! I had other plans, I returned his cash, took care of his tab and explained the PIF GC.

Good Deeds!

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Friday night Nikki came to me said there was a guest outside a little shaky ……  Friday night there was a bad car accident in Bedford (by the old home office)  Colleen had stopped to help the victims by providing CPR.  As I approached the table we both knew we knew each other (small world)  first connection was she works at my sons school,  second connection she worked here 20 years ago as a server when I was a busser.   Colleen Rush is a great lady with a big heart.  She was more than grateful for the RAK and is hoping to PIF to the officer that came to assist her.

Needed a Smile

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Mother and daughter were in tonight for dinner on the way to see her husband/dad who is in senior housing across the street. They have been regulars since 1985!  Shaynna had asked if we could buy dessert for him.  When I heard the story and the sad look on the ladies’ faces I felt a RAK was the better way to go and a smile is what I got (followed by a few happy tears)! They know the perfect nurse to PIF to, she has helped the whole family with the transition!

Truth Pays!

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Tonight I RAK’d a table for being truthful. Their Credit card was accidentally run under the wrong table. Unfortunately, these days people aren’t always honest about these things.  So I gave them a $25 GC for next time and explained the PIF and they were so impressed because it also became a learning lesson for their 2 children!  XOXOX

Rocking the Red, white and Blue!!

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In honor of the Holiday weekend I decide to RAK the first person I saw dressed for the occasion.  Steve at the bar was wearing an american flag jacket!  He and his wife were only in for drinks so I hooked him up with a GC for next time.  They are super excited to make someone’s day with the PIF GC!