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American flag blowing, close-up

American flag blowing, close-up

Tuesday night we had a party of 5 come in to celebrate the home coming of an Army Veteran from Iraq.  The mom was first to arrive and asked if we could do a birthday cake for her son as he missed his birthday over seas.  We took it one step further!  Upon completion of dinner and before presenting the check, I went over to the table with a birthday cake and a candle.  He was very surprised.  I thanked him for his service and announced that we would be taking care of the bill.  They were completely blown away.  He mentioned that T-BONES was the last restaurant food he ate before deploying and the first he has had since returning. His daughter was moved to tears and you could tell that the family had a lot of catching up to do.  I presented him with the Pay It Forward and he couldn’t stop thanking us.  Tables around them were commenting afterwards how nice the gesture was on our part.

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