Broken ribs and Broken Heart <3

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So tonight A regular of ours Lachlan came in for a quick bite to eat and immediately Patrick noticed two things.  One that he was by himself (he usually always has his girlfriend with him) and two he seemed down.  After chatting for a bit we learned that his girlfriend had taken a really bad fall at home and was in the hospital with a few broken ribs and fractured bones.  He had just left the hospital and was really shaken up.  So what better way to make someone smile than performing a random act of kindness!!!!!!!  We bought Lachlans dinner and I gave him a GC to come back with his girlfriend when she is feeling better!!!!!!!!!

Copper Anniversary!

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My RAK tonight went to Mrogan and Jen Cline! They celebrated the Ten year “Copper ” Anniversary with us tonight! They were so sweet!! When I brought over a GC and explained our mission and the intention of RAK, they were over come with emotion!! Morgan Huged me, and Jen got teary, and then I got teary!! They said it was the nicest thing anyone has every done for them! They continued to tell me that Copper Door is their favorite, and that they couldn’t have been happier with their experience here thus far!! They also could not believe that we wanted them to pass it on as well!! I feel so proud to be part of a company that gives back to the customers, and community the way GNHR does! Its a great feeling!!  

RAK Love

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Tonight I bought dinner for a couple who got to come out on a valentines dinner date for the first time in 7 years since all of their kids have moved out and their work schedules meshed! They were a joy to speak with and were so excited to just be out together.