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Every Sunday morning, I can set my watch because I know at 11:26 Janet will be walking through the front door. She walks on in, and sits at table 31 without a menu. She is always the first guest on Sunday mornings. For years, she used to come in with her twin sister, but over the past year, she has been coming in by herself. Her sister is now in a nursing home. I chose her as my Random Act and she was thrilled!  She told me how much she loved us here at T-BONES in Derry, and was excited to Pay it Forward.

T-BONES Newbie

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Today in Derry, I had a party of four ladies walk in around noon. I heard one of the ladies say “what a lovely place.” I inquired, and found out that not only had she never been to T-BONES in Derry, she had never been to a T-BONES at all. WHAT!?!?! Needless to say it instantly became the perfect RAK table. Her name was Cathy, and she was totally impressed with being chosen. I have no doubt that she will return to T-BONES, and no doubt that she will Pay it Forward.

Repaying the Kindness

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Last Friday I was surprised to see Annie and Elisha dining at T-Bones in Derry with Annie’s 2 young sons. I know Annie and Elisha from Maddie’s Restaurant in Salem. My father in law goes to Maddie’s 7 days a week, and they treat him like a King. I picked up their tab, and they could not believe it. I was so happy to do so, as the manager at Maddie’s picks up Kenny’s tab every single day. They decided that they would flip a coin to see who got to take the gift certificate in to the community to Pay it Forward.