Thanks for Giving

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On Thanksgiving Eve we had some regulars Dennis and Pricilla at the bar and I overheard them telling another guest that she cooked 2 turkeys and 20 pounds of mashed potatoes and vegetables to donate. She delivered 1 turkey and the sides to the Bedford liberty house and also the other turkey off at a homeless shelter. I proceeded to talk to her about what an amazing thing she was doing by feeding the veterans and homeless. I knew I needed to do something for them. We bought their dinners and gave them a gift certificate for their next visit and also the RAK 25.00 to give to someone.  When they received all of this they both cried and was extremely thankful. Since then I have talked to them and found out that they donated the gift certificate to a volunteer at the shelter. Its people like this that make the world a better place.

Welcome Back To Our Restaurant Family

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I had a lovely couple come this evening and i remembered them from the week prior and they said they had such a great time here they had to come back. The used to be Salem regulars and then they moved away and now moved back to Goffstown. I figured they would be perfect to buy their dinners and welcome them back to our family. They were so thrilled and happy to see some familiar faces again

Pre-K Gradution

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Tonight I had a family of 3 in for dinner and as I was browsing in the dinning room I saw them wearing some funny looking headbands. When they were done dinner I asked them what they were about.  This cute little girl Skylar told me she just graduated Pre-K yesterday and it was her choice of places to pick for dinner. She told me that this is her favorite restaurant and she was a proud young lady. I bought there dinners and told them if they can Pay It Forward to someone we would greatly appreciate it! Skylark told me she can give it to one of the homeless shelters that her and her mother go to to bring some items to the “more needy”. This little girl is so giving and kind I wished her well on her next adventure onto 1st grade!

Counting Down the Days

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Every Friday for the past month we have had a very nice couple come in for lunch after they get out of their doctors appointment next door to us. She is pregnant and has her weekly visit to the doctors and craves our food after. She is a week from the due date and I gave her a gift certificate so after the baby is born she can come in and enjoy our food again. They were so thrilled and said they will definitely be back!

Popcorn Crave

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Tonight I had a nice lady come in. She said to me “this is probably a weird request but can I get a large bag of popcorn to go?” I told her that is not weird request at all and I would be happy to. She told me that her best friend’s husband is in the hospital with pancreatic cancer and they always came in just the four of them and absolutely loved our popcorn. I proceeded to get the popcorn and gave her an extra bag. I brought it out to her letting her know it was on the house and to please tell her best friend’s husband that T-BONES hopes for a fast recovery so we can see him in here again healthy and happy eating our popcorn. She was so excited she almost started crying and she said this is why they always come to T-BONES. I gave her the Pay It Forward gift card and she said she knows the perfect person to give it to.

Loving Foster Mom

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We have a nice couple that comes in and our hostess Gloria knows them well,  from many years of coming in. This visit she noticed that they had a young kid with them and he was a little scared to come in. Gloria approached them and asked who the young gentleman was and she found out that this couple used to foster this child before he went to another loving home. The kid loved his foster mom so much so, they still get together and visited with one another. What a wonderful story and come to find out she is getting another 2 young kids to foster. If anyone deserves a random act of kindness is was this regular! I bought theie meals for them and they are more than happy to pay it forward to someone else who can enjoy this

Old Classic for an Old Classic

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Today a woman came in for a takeout and ordered an old classic menu item that we used to have on the menu many years ago. She ordered the MCM sandwich which is mozzarella chicken and mushrooms. I thought she was a great person to RAK. Upon her arrival I found out that she used to work for our company many years ago in our Hudson location. Stephanie was so thrilled that I bought her sandwich for her and I also made sure she got extra fries and some extra mushrooms on it. I have never met her before but she was so friendly and bubbly. I knew my choice for this Random Act of Kindness was a perfect one!

Hamward Bound

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Today is Easter! I wanted to take care of someone who wanted to take our amazing ham dinner home. Tom, one of our regulars, was the first to order one! He was beyond thrilled to have this random act of kindness. He always comes in and orders a takeout with the hostess and then sits down at the bar to sip on his cordial beverage. Tom is always kind to us and is always a frequent flyer. He is happy to pay it forward to someone he sees tomorrow.

Woman In Camouflage

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Today a young woman came in dressed in her Army uniform and she was in with her recruitment assistant. I thought they would be a perfect pick for this Random Act of Kindness! She was so thrilled and honored that we chose her. I thanked her for her service and all her hours of hard work she puts in. It takes a strong person to be in her shoes. They will be paying this forward!

Fishy Fishy

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On Saturday night I decided the next table that orders a 40 Day Fish Fry I am going to buy them their dinners. I delivered the food myself and told them that tonight was their lucky night just because they ordered our special Fish and Chips. They were so happy to have dinner on the house that they decided to have one more drink!!! They said they would Pay It Forward to someone they thought would deserve this Random Act of Kindness!