Birthday Dinner

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Yesterday a young woman came in anxiously awaiting the arrival of her sons. They joined her, ordered drinks and an appetizer, and left almost as quickly as they came in. She was left with an order she had placed, asked for it to go and was visibly upset although clearly working hard at not showing it. I went over, asked her about her day and she explained it was supposed to be her birthday lunch with her sons. I wanted to make her birthday day a little happier. I bought her take out and gave her a gift card to come back with her family for a nice meal. It definitely made her feel a little better about spending the time alone. We wished her well to enjoy the holidays and asked her to pass it along with a RAK certificate. Not the birthday dinner planned but at least we made it a little more special!

Our Biggest Fans

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A couple months ago, I received a message on our Derry T-BONES FB page with an image of a young boys homework. It showed his family dynamics and things the family does that he loves. Amongst it was his favorite place to go and favorite thing to do as a family. Guess what it was…….”go to T-BONES”. So I responded back asking his dad to message me with their address so I could send him a letter addressed to him with a GC attached so he could come in and buy his own dinner next time. His dad messaged back and after he received the letter let me know how ecstatic he was and what it meant to him. Tonight they visited and asked for me, thankfully I was working. I asked his family if I could take him to the kitchen area and show him a surprise. On our “star” board is a picture of his homework. I brought him over and showed him when people say something nice about our servers we like them to feel good and display the message. And that’s just what his paper did. He was awestruck to see his writing and copy of his homework on the board saying Going to T-bones is what’s so special about his family. They were visiting to celebrate his mom’s birthday tonight. They wished for no dessert so when finished I went over with a GC for their next visit so he could take his family out for dessert and then do something nice for someone else with our RAK certificate. He was there with extended family so they explained the idea to him about paying it forward and he thanked me for making his night. The big smile on his face when he walked out with the RAK certificate in hand it couldn’t have felt any better.

Military Appreciation Day Everyday

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A very nice gentleman came in this evening and asked one of our employees if he could take advantage of our military discount day. He was mistaken which day we appreciate our vets with the 25% discount day. Anthony kindly responded with no I’m sorry you are a day early. If you come in on Tuesdays, you will receive a discount up to 6 people of 25%. After telling me about the situation, I decided to offer him a better deal. We took care of their meals and offered up a RAK certificate to Pay It Forward and he was super impressed with how we took care of him tonight. It makes me proud to be able to show our appreciation to not only our valued guests but those that are military veterans who deserve the respect and appreciation every day.

Just Because

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I was getting in the Christmas Spirit, so I wanted to do a little something different. The RAK certificates I have on hand expire shortly so I wanted to just do a few nice things for some guests. I was talking with guests about Christmas shopping recently and getting ready for the holidays. Amongst those folks, I’d look at their bills to see who had appetizers I could take off. To promote a chain reaction of giving, I’d then go strike up a conversation with a few different people and tell them I had started early and was buying them their appetizer. They were surprised and I just said “All I ask is you do something nice for someone else”.

Chivalry is not dead

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Tonight Christy told me about a couple that visits our store regularly. They have a daughter that was not with them but her boyfriend was. They shared with Christy that he had taken the parents out for dinner and was asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage. He was taking her tomorrow and had a whole plan in place, it was beautiful. This young man impressed upon the rest of us that maybe…just maybe chivalry is not dead. We bought their meals this evening, shared a GC with the young man, soon to be a fiancé, offered up a RAK certificate to pass along the RAK. We can’t wait for him to come in and share their story!  

50th Anniversary!

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Some of our regulars came in tonight to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. What also made it special, was the fact that Linda comes in 3-4 times a week, and ordered her first Tbones tonight to celebrate. Lindsey told me about it and asked to RAK them. They were thrilled when they were RAKed and gave hugs all around. Very happy with their experience tonight!

Tony for takeout!

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I had a guest call in late night for a take out, I asked the name…He said Tony. I asked are you gonna get a cheddar burger with extra pickles? He laughed and said yes, you know how much I don’t like cooking? We had a good conversation, and 15 minutes later he came in to get his takeout. I told him his burger was on the house, and gave him a gift certificate for another burger! We chatted about our RAK program and he was more than willing to keep the movement going to on by passing out our RAK certificate.

moms need to help other moms

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The other day a young lady came in with her child. She was taking home food for her and her two daughters. She had placed her order as a walk in and while waiting was going to pay. After everything was ordered and almost finished she learned her Gift Certificates did not have enough money on them and her credit cards declined. Maria our host came to find me and let know what had happened. We determined we would take care of her anyway. She was expecting to take only one item home and she had put back the take out glass soda bottles her kids wanted. Our Kitchen Manager came up and gave her the item she expected and I came behind with the rest of the food and let the kids pick sodas. I could tell she was embarrassed and kept saying it wasn’t necessary. I let her know we take care of our guests and told her to save the gift certificate she had for a rainy day and enjoy lunch on us today. The kids left grinning with their orange soda bottles

first timers/life timers

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Tina came to me the other day and said she had a couple visiting us for the first time. They weren’t new to the area just never visited us before. They were so happy with our burgers to start. She had never had a burger like ours. The way she described the perfectly cooked, flavorful and juicy burger is exactly why we have been NH’s Best Burger for more than a decade. They said we made regular guests out of them or sure and can’t wait to  come back. That just made me want to wow them even more. So I bought their Buffalo Wings they also raved about and gave them a couple GCs to  come back and get a couple burgers or appetizers on us. It’s always great to make someone’s day and know they will return eagerly because we set ourselves above the rest.

pharmacy school here he comes

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Tonight a family was out sending off their son as he embarks on his first adventure in New York attending school for pharmacology. I’ve seen some pretty surprised and grateful people over the times i’ve done a RAK, but this family was so overly enthusiastic and wow’d. We made them speechless and giddy with their experience tonight. It was adorable to witness.