Cancer Free Celebration!

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It was my pleasure to give my RAK tonight to a very nice couple that came in tonight to celebrate being Cancer free! Christine found out a few days ago that her lymphoma is now in complete remission!! If that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is!! Her husband Kevin called yesterday to make a reservation, and asked if we could bring her a celebratory dessert but we decided to do one better for them! We bought their dinner and sent them home with a Gift Certificate to come visit us again, and one pass on to someone in need of a brighter day! They were blown away!! We shared stories and a few tears as well. This may have been my favorite RAK so far! Thank you GNHR for everything you did for me while I was sick a few years ago, and for making Christine’s day so darn great!! I love this Job!!

A New Regular

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As I walked through the lounge tonight I noticed a man sitting at the Bar. A face that i’ve scene quite a bit lately. I asked one the bartenders, if he knew his name. Tyler told me that his name is Joe. Come to find out  Joe has been here so often lately because his mother is in the Assisted living Facility near us. He’s been staying with her a couple times a week, and he confided in Tyler the she is now in the beginning stages of Hospice (so sad).  I decided to buy him dinner. He was very thankful, and asked why? As I explained how our RAK program works, and he started to get a little teary 🙁 Poor guy is definetly going through a lot! At least we could put a small smile on his face this evening! He didn’t say much, but sometimes even a small smile means a thousand words!    

We Love 1st Timers!!!

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One of our servers (Jordan) came to me and suggested one of his tables as a Rak tonight! He said “you have to come meet table 13, they are probably the sweetest people i’ve EVER waited on” as I talked to him about the table I found out that they have 6 children between them, and don’t get a date night very often! Tonight was their first time at Copper Door and they were having a great time! When I got to the table I knew immediately what he was talking about!! Nancy and John Rank could not be any nicer!! They were thrilled with Jordan’s service and loved the wine list!! They said their food was outstanding! Nancy said what they loved the most is that they never felt rushed! She said they asked Jordan a Lot of questions about the menu, and cocktails, and he answered everyone honestly! Nancy really loved the wine menu! So we wrapped up 2 of our wine glasses, and gave them a GC to come have a glass on us next time!! They were floored!! John insisted on buying both Jordan and I a drink lol!! I said Jordan could have mine! I think we may have new regulars!! I love making people smile!! Oh PS.. I gave Jordan a merit for the good pick, and the high praise!!

Customer Kindness!

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MY RAK tonight went to a couple of regulars of ours. They were gracious enough to give their table to an older couple that were behind them in the rotation. How SWEET is that!! Jen and Jon come visit our bar Crew at least once a week! Jen said we are their “Favorite” place, and they were in no rush, so why not!!! They were shocked when I gave them a GC for the next time they come in, and one to pass on!! It always feels great to make someones day!! #RAK #GNHR #COPPERDOOR #LOVE  

Stormy Skies Finally Clear

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My RAK this evening went to a very deserving couple!!! They had planned a date night and it all went to ruin! First their babysitter bailed and then while on a motorcycle ride and it stormed so they were soaked when they finally arrived. When they stopped, the restaurant they went to was closing. They called and asked if we were still open, and were pleasantly surprised when we were. We brought them a couple blankets, and we bought their dinner and dessert! They were so very grateful!! To have a bummer night turn into a great one was just what they needed!! They raved about the food and service!! Tina made their night!!  When I told them to pass it on they were so happy to oblige!! Today was their second time in and vow it won’t be the last!! It was so great to have made their night!!  

Copper Anniversary!

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My RAK tonight went to Mrogan and Jen Cline! They celebrated the Ten year “Copper ” Anniversary with us tonight! They were so sweet!! When I brought over a GC and explained our mission and the intention of RAK, they were over come with emotion!! Morgan Huged me, and Jen got teary, and then I got teary!! They said it was the nicest thing anyone has every done for them! They continued to tell me that Copper Door is their favorite, and that they couldn’t have been happier with their experience here thus far!! They also could not believe that we wanted them to pass it on as well!! I feel so proud to be part of a company that gives back to the customers, and community the way GNHR does! Its a great feeling!!